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8 Channel Servo/Scenery Animator


CML Electronics -
8 Channel Servo/Scenery Animator

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The MSC8 Scenery Animator brings scenery to life. Its 8 DCC controlled outputs can be used to provide many scenery animation effects using a motor, radio controlled servos and lighting outputs.

One output of the MSC8 can control one DC or AC motor. This can be used to operate moving features such as windmills or water wheels. The "Faller" model range using AC synchronous motors can be driven directly.

The MSC8 can control up to 4 radio control servos. They can drive points, signals, cranes and many other objects. The servo positions and speeds are programmable. Servos can also move through a 32 position sequence for complex animation.

The remaining outputs can be used to control lighting functions. Lighting can be on/off or can be operated according to a sequence. Factory programmed sequences include welding, flickering lights, disco lights and house lights that go on and off periodically. There are also 4 user defined sequences available for other effects to be created. The outputs will drive "grain of wheat" type incandescent lights or Light Emitting Diodes (for which a series resistor will be needed).

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