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5MT Steam Project


Coastal Sounds -
5MT Steam Project

This sound for the Standard 5 project has been recorded off of a preserved loco. The function list both the ESU & Zimo projects are much the same but with some minor differences.

  • F0        Lights On/Off
  • F1        Sound on/off
  • F2        Whistle
  • F3        POP
  • F4        Drain Cocks
  • F5        Flange Squeal
  • F6        Coupling
  • F7        Platform Whistle
  • F8       Light/Heavy Load*
  • F9        Inertia Off/On
  • F10      Watering
  • F11      Coal Shoveling (Plus random Firebox flicker F01)
  • F12      Smoke Generator (Fo2)
  • F13      Safety Valves
  • F14      Injector
  • F15      Reverser
  • F16      Blower
  • F17      Brake Squeal
  • F20     Button Braking (Disabled by default)
  • F21      Decrease Volume
  • F22      Increase Volume

* Not available on ESU

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