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Class 35 Sound Project


Coastal Sounds -
Class 35 Sound Project

ESU Function List
  • F0 Lights on/off if fitted
  • F1 Sound on/off
  • F2 Double Horn
  • F3 Single Horn
  • F4 Brake Release
  • F5 Flange Squeal
  • F6 Fan
  • F7 Driver Door
  • F8 Volume
  • F9 Inertia Off/On
  • F10 Buffering Up
  • F11 Coupling / DeCoupling
  • F12 Spirax Valve
  • F13 Platform Whistle
  • F14 Compressor (Switch Off)
  • F15 Aux 1
  • F16 Aux 2

Zimo Function List
  • F0 Lights on/off if fitted
  • F1 Sound on/off
  • F2 Double Horn
  • F3 Single Horn
  • F4 Vacuum Brake
  • F5 Flange Squeal
  • F6 Platform Whistle
  • F7 Buffering Up
  • F8 Coast
  • F9 Loco Only
  • F10 Coupling
  • F11 Drivers Door Slam
  • F12 Spirax Valve
  • F13 Compressor
  • F14 Switch Tail Lights Off (Fo1 No1 End, Fo2 No 2 End) *
  • F15 Parking Lights (Reds Both Ends)*
  • F16 Fan (fo5 On Large Scale Decoders)
  • * Requires lighting modifications

    Coasting – This spools the engine sound down to idle no matter what speed the loco is actually running at. This is ideal to simulate the loco coasting down hill, or prior to bring the loco to a halt at a Signal.

    Loco Only Mode – Selecting this changes a few parameters, firstly it will reduce the amount of inertia, so that the loco will be more responsive to the controller. Secondly it raises the point at which the engine sound will start to increase, so the loco can potter around without the loco thrashing around. This is ideal if you are doing a light bit of shunting in the yard, or moving the light loco onto a made up train ready for departure.

    More Power – At any time while driving you can get the engine to spool down to the previous engine note by reducing the throttle by 1 speed step. Then to get the loco note to ramp back up, increase the throttle by 1 or more speed steps.

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