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1st Generation DMU


Coastal Sounds -
1st Generation DMU

We are pleased to offer the popular 1st Generation DMU sound project on both ESU & Zimo decoders.

ESU Project

  • F0 Lights on/off if fitted
  • F1 Engine Start / Stop
  • F2 Double Horn
  • F3 Single Horn
  • F4 Air Release
  • F5 Guards Whistle
  • F6 Door Slam
  • F7 Buzzer (On Guard to Driver, Off Driver to Guard)
  • F8 Volume/Mute
  • F9 Inertia off/on
  • F10 Build Up Air Pressure * (Engine Rev Up)
  • F11 Aux 1
  • F12 Aux 2

*Building up of air pressure is only available when the engine at a stand, when invoked you can not drive away with this enabled.

Zimo Project

  • F0 Lights on/off if fitted
  • F1 Engine Start / Stop
  • F2 Single Horn
  • F3 Double Horn
  • F4 Air Release
  • F5 Flange Squeal
  • F6 Buzzer
  • F7 Inertia Off/On
  • F8 Coast
  • F9 Coupling
  • F10 Door Slam
  • F11 Drivers Key In
  • F12 Spirax Valve
  • F13 Build Up Air
  • F15 Function 1
  • F16 Function 2

This Heritage DMU project allows you to drive in three different ways.

Drive Set 1 has an automatic gear change and coasting.

Drive Set 2 has manual gear change and coasting.

Drive Set 3 has automatic gear change with manual coasting.

Drive Set 1

This has automatic gear changes these are set at the following speed steps.

1st 0 to 10

2nd 11 to 49

3rd 50 to 88

4th 89 to 126

In gears 1,2&3 you will hear the engine revs drop followed by the gear change and then the engine will then rev back up with the unit accelerating away, after a period the engine revs will drop back to idle with the unit coasting along. Any further increase in the throttle will result in the engine sound staying at idle until the next step that is defined for a gear change. To force the acceleration; drop the throttle speed by one or more steps then increase the throttle to the desired speed.

In 4th gear the engine sound will consistently be accelerating, to coast drop the throttle speed by one step or more.

When the unit is decelerating the engine sound will stay at idle unit you either stop or start to accelerate again.

Drive Set 2

This allows you to define when the gear changes occur and when the engine coasts.

When you open up the throttle for the first time you will hear the first gear change followed by the engine accelerating. To coast simply drop the speed on the throttle by one or more speed steps. To initiate a gear change drop the throttle by one step or more wait for the engine revs to drop then increase the throttle to the desired speed step, you will then hear the gear change and the engine accelerates.

Drive Set 3

This has 3 automatic gear changes going up the speed range, with the engine always accelerating, to put the unit into coast press F8, when you want to accelerate press F8 again and then open up the throttle.

The engines on these units would always decelerate with the engine in idle, to do this press F8 then start to reduce the throttle, don’t forget to release F8 once you have finished decelerating.

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