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CT Elektronik -

Current Rating - Avg 0.8 Amps , Peak 1.5 Amps
Connector - NEM 652
Size - 17 x 11 x 6 (mm)
Functions - 7 0.25A each (0.6Amps Total Max)
BEMF - Yes

The loco decoder DCX70-2 suitable locomotives for all DC and AC motors in H0 gauge to track N. The maximum current consumption of the motor must not exceed 1.0 A
The DCX70-2 provides high-frequency 16 kHz motor control for Faulhaber motors. Alternatively, there are also infinitely variable 30-150 Hz for traditional engines available.
The DCX70-2 offers either with 14, 28 or 128 speed steps, load compensation scheme, full address space from 1 to 10240 and the possibility of the main track on-the-fly' program.

  • Full NMRA compatible (DCC data format)
  • Available for either DCC or Motorola or SX (no multi protocol)
  • Full 'function mapping"according to NMRA arrangement
  • Function outputs separately dimmable
  • Dimming frequency 1.2 kHz, LED direct connection is suitable
  • Clutch control, time control for digital clutch
  • Full address space 1-10240
  • Shunting function, display cases mode a button switching function, reduced backwards speed...
  • Evaluation of chain pulses
  • Free speed curve
  • Optimizable load balancing (P and I control)
  • High-frequency motor control 16 kHz
  • Low-frequency motor control 30-150 Hz
  • Optional 14, 28 or 128 speed steps
  • 7 enhanced function outputs
  • 1.0 A motor current
  • Digital or analog operation
  • 'on the fly' program
  • Hard reset, user CV's
  • Separately adjustable braking time with HLU
  • Signal-based train control (HLU Zimo, off)
  • Train number recognition (Zimo, off)
  • Fully programmable with Roco of Lokmaus 2 (also values up to 255)
  • Short-circuit-proof motor output, auxiliary function
  • 2 CVs group freely selectable (for own or third-party applications)
  • NMRA (by software update), bidirectional communication

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