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Zen 6 pin Versatile


DCC Concepts -
Zen 6 pin Versatile

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Current Rating - Avg 0.75 Amps , Peak 1 Amps
Connector - NEM 651
Size - 13.5 x 8.5 x 3 (mm)
Functions - 2
KeepAlive/Standby (Available) - Yes

Much like its "bigger brothers" the N68 decoders have very smooth motor drive characteristics which allow for slow speed running even inside N scale locomotives. These decoders are small enough to fit in any N scale locomotive and with the 8 pin attachment you can use them on OO/HO scale locos as well.

This pack includes a stay alive unit which are designed to aid your locomotives running characteristics during slow running. This unit basically keeps the decoder "alive" for a few milliseconds if dirt or dead spots are located on the track.

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