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Zen Black Buddah


DCC Concepts -
Zen Black Buddah


Current Rating - Avg 3 Amps , Peak 5 Amps
Connector - Screw Terminal
Size - 42 x 27 x (mm)
Functions - 6
Asymmetric DCC - Yes
BEMF - Yes

This is the Buddha decoder. As the name suggests these decoders are for the larger scale modelller such as O or G and with a power rating of 3 amps they are made to last.

Brown-Out Protection : Now you don’t need the small stay-alive – the decoder will manage power to the motor beautifully, even with small amounts of dirt on the wheels or track!

ABC functionality : Operate a DCC shuttle easily with ABC, plus the ability to slow down or stop your train automatically – all INCLUDED on the decoder! ABC boards are needed on the track sections and are available either separately or packaged with the decoders – you decide!

One-step setup – Use ONE CV change to customise your decoder – set for Express Passenger, Shunter etc – with 10x presets! No more CV guesswork!

Available as
  • Decoder Only
  • Decoder + 1 ABC Module
  • Pack 3 Decoders

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