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16-channel switch decoder


digikeijs -
16-channel switch decoder

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The DIGISWITCH decoder is a programmable multi-protocol switch decoder.

Configured as standard to operate 8 switches and equipped with various presets allowing, for example, for 16 permanent on/off switches, 8 two-light signals or 4 three-light signals.

A combination of presets is, of course, also possible. 8 switch control for motor drives 16 outputs with or without fluorescent light effect 8 Ahobs4 AKIs 4 Dutch signals Presets for Dutch, Belgian and German signal aspects. Multiprotocol DCC / Motorola Programmable via POM Maximum load of 2.5 Amps All outputs on one side of the module

This unit has a common anode (+) output, to use this with common cathode (-) devices then use the Common Cathode - Common Anode adapters

To operate with Cobalt, Tortoise and Kato point motors, use the Switch motor interface.

Although this will operate Peco/Seep point motors we do not recommend it due to the current loading that these motors can sometimes require.

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