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Signal Man Compression Connectors


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Signal Man Compression Connectors

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Two versions SignalMan-P (pin connectors) SignalMan-C (Compression Connectors).

Direct drive for up to 16 LEDs.

Includes drive for any combination of:

  • Up to 16 Common Anode or Common Cathode LEDs
  • Up to 8 dual color LEDs, bi-polar or three wire.
  • Up to 8 stall motors.

Internal Logic Blocks with up to 32 conditional statements.

Communicates over the bi-directional Simple Serial Bus. (a 3 wire LocoNetĀ® compatible serial interface)

Alternatively will connect directly to a DCC bus. (no internal logic available in DCC mode)

CV controlled programming via Software. (e.g. JMRI DecoderPro 3.4 or later.)

  • Both reading and writing of CV values in OPs mode over the LocoNetĀ® compatible Simple Serial Bus connection.
  • 'Write Only' in OPs mode over DCC.

Controled with turnout (output) commands or NMRA DCC Mast aspect commands.

Signal masts may be configured with up to 4 lamps per each aspect, with 32 total aspects available.

Automatically saves signal aspects during power down.

Boot Loader allows firmware upgrades over the LocoNetĀ® compatible Simple Serial Bus connection.

Power is supplied by either the Simple Serial Bus or the DCC connection.

10VDC or greater drive for LEDs and Stall Motor machines. Allows driving multiple LEDs in series and Stall Motors at reasonable speeds.

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