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Xover Fascia Ctlr Kit


Tam Valley -
Xover Fascia Ctlr Kit

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This version of the fascia controller is designed to be used on single and double crossovers. It has 3 red/green bicolor LEDs arranged to indicate straight through (top and bottom green) and crossover (middle LED green). It has 2 output cabless to activate 2 inputs. For single crossovers you can use these 2 outputs to activate the 2 servos needed. For a double crossover you need 4 servos - this is done by using 2 Y cables to drive 2 sets of paired servos. (Note: for most servos one output can drive up to 3 servos, with 2 Y cables, but not 4 at once).

The 3-lead LEDs and the push-button switch are not mounted so that you can arrange them on your panel as you wish. In order to get the colors of the LEDs correct note that they have a flat side which is corresponds to the flat line on the back side of the board. Requires soldering.

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