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DCC Accessory Booster Board


Tam Valley -
DCC Accessory Booster Board

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Power Supply

DCC Booster board without the power supply. These boards can be used to make locomotive Power Districts or an Accessory District with a shared power supply. A jumper is used to set either Accessory Mode or Power District Mode. Each board can supply up to 3 Amps continuous duty and 5 Amp peak with a suitable power supply. These boards work very nicely with the Hex Frog Juicer.

Max power supply voltage: 40V
Power Connector: 5.5 mm (outer)/ 2.1 mm (inner) barrel plug, center positive
DCC input: optically isolated, 5-24 Volts (voltage level on the DCC input pins has no effect on output voltage level), 25 mA load typical.
DCC Connectors: Screw blocks
Max output: 5 Amps for short periods, 3 Amps continuous
Peak-to-peak output voltage: Power Supply voltage minus 0.8-1.4 volts (decreasing with load and independent of voltage on the DCC input)
Short Trip Point: 5.6 Amps
Short Trip Off Time: 1 microsecond
Short Trip Recovery Time: 200 microseconds
No Auto-reverse
Board Size: 3" long x 2.5" wide x 0.5" deep (including heatsink) (76mm x 64mm x 12mm). Green blocks extend another 0.3" (8mm).

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