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Micro Servo Bracket Kit


Tam Valley -
Micro Servo Bracket Kit

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This bracket is designed to mount underneath the layout and actuate the points with a spring wire. It is the same bracket as used in our Micro Switch Machine. However you are free to use this bracket in other creative ways if you feel the need to experiment. Comes with a piece of foam tape for easy attachment to the layout and two 1/2" x #4 screws for permanent attachment. A #4 screw fits snugly in the mounting holes so that when you are under the layout the screws will not fall in your face. Also comes with a piece of music wire.


Actuating Wire- .032" steel music wire. Length - 5" before assembly; 3" usable length after assembly (maximum thickness of subroadbed + track height)

Bracket Size - 1 3/16" wide x 1.0" deep X 1 3/16" high

Fits servo size 0,87" (23mm) wide x .47" (12mm) deep (SG90, 9g servos).

Minimum mounting clearance under layout - 1.5"

Mounting Screws - #4 x 1/2" for bracket to layout; 1 screw (comes with servo) for attachment of servo to bracket

Material - PLA plastic

Scales - Z to O

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