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Circuit Breaker


Tam Valley -
Circuit Breaker

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This is the same board as the Dual Frog Juicer but confugured to work as a circuit breaker. When there is a short it will cut off both rails at once. This solves some problems where only one rail is cut off and wheels bridge to another active rail.
Also the auto-reverse has been disabled - this gets around the issue of having an auto-reversing section and frog juicers within the district powered by the circuit breaker.

Cut off current limit can be set to either 2 Amps or 4 Amps with jumpers. LEDs have been changed to indicate green for normal operation and red for a short.
You can also add a remote LED to indicate a short.
It has 33 Amp transistors so it can be used with 10 Amp boosters.
Setup is simple, connect the input to the DCC track bus, and connect the output wires to the district to be protected.

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