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N Crossing Set with Sound


Train Tech -
N Crossing Set with Sound

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The N scale model of a UK style level crossings which are preassembled with lights and sound and come complete with Peco static level crossing barriers and fence as shown in the photo. They are easy to fit needing just a 10mm diameter hole drilled in your baseboard and the model is held in place by a special flush Mounting Cap (included).
Electrically these are very easy to wire up as all connections are by push fit single core wires. They can be powered by any 9-18V DC supply, DCC or a 9 volt battery.
Manual or Automatic control

(Please note that the barriers are non-moving)

The level crossing lights and sounds can be controlled in a number of ways
1) A switch connected between the power supply and the level crossing.
2) Controlled completely automatically by a Track Sensor via Layout Link (Track sensor currently only available in OO/HO)
3) Switched by a Mimic Switch connected via Layout Link
4) If layout is DCC via your controller which is easily set up using One Touch DCC

Pack contains:<\b>
1 x Level crossing module with LED's and head pre assembled
1 x Speaker (wires just push into unit)
2 x Peco NB51 barriers
1 x 10mm Mounting cap (cap comes as 2 pieces)
1m Solid core wire

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