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USB-LocoNet Interface + LocoNet Tool


Uhlenbrock -
USB-LocoNet Interface + LocoNet Tool

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The USB-LocoNet-Interface connects the PC directly to the LocoNet with the following systems:

  • Uhlenbrock Intellibox, DAISY, Track-Control, IntelliLight
  • Märklin 6021 with 6021-Infrared & LocoNet adapter
  • Fleischmann Twin-Center, ProfiBoss, LokBoss
  • PIKO Power Box
  • Digitrax centers without PC interfaces

The USB-LocoNet-Interface can be used with the Windows 2000, XP and Vista (32 bit, without active user account control) operating systems. A support for older Windows of systems like 95 or 98 is not provided.

The USB-LocoNet-Interface is supplied with the software "LocoNet-Tool". With LocoNet-Tool you can configure, Uhlenbrock LocoNet modules such as Feedback modules, Switch modules, Displays and the LISSY system via the LocoNet-System. Furthermore the software contains a LocoNet Monitor with which you can supervise your LocoNet and analyze automatic procedures.

If you want use the LocoNet-Tool with an Intellibox, Twin-Center or PIKO Power Box then you must first access Uhlenbrocks website to register the interface serial number and your digital center.

The USB-LocoNet-Interface, with PC control programs, can be used for layout control. All PC programs, which support the LocoNet protocol, can be installed for layout control.

Note: Before you connect your new USB-LocoNet-Interface with the PC, the driver for the interface must be installed. If you connect the interface with the PC before this it may malfunction.

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