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MX10 Command Station


Zimo -
MX10 Command Station

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The MX10 is the central unit of the digital multi-train system Zimo, in other words the "digital office" or the traditional ZIMO called the "base unit".

The ZIMO digital Panel: no big "box", but the latest technology:

At first glance, the very small dimensions fall (18 cm, 3 cm high), as well as the lack of heat sink and fan. Thanks to state-of-the-art Performance Electronics- five high-frequency switching regulators for rail output and auxiliary voltages - the device despite providing 20A to the rails will not run hot (continuous load!) and 5A on the bus.

The ZIMO system offers more than "high power": the processor, storage and software equipment, and high-quality measurement, for example, for the precision RailCom detectors, good connections and the standard integrated radio system make the ZIMO typical functionality possible.

Front Panel

  • Control Dial : adjust the driving voltages, power, other values, controller, collecting stop (press 2 sec), initiate standby (4 sec)
  • Display: during normal operation display the driving voltages and currents of the rail outputs, ABA inputs, communication, etc.
  • Button 1: enable and define "automatic operation", start decoder update, etc.
  • Button 2: calling MX10 menu (then scroll with dial), start decoder-sound loading, etc.
  • Button 3: Start of the operation of the MX10 ("BASECAB"), General "Back" - button, etc.
  • USB socket for USB-stick to the implementation of the auto-update, data loading and secure, decoder-update and sound-download
  • "SUSI" interface for the ZIMO decoder to the quick sound loading (takes approx. 1 min instead of 10 min)
  • CAN socket for ZIMO control devices (controllers MX32, i.mx31, i.mx21, MX2) and ZIMO modules (MX8 MX9)
  • XNET-socket for input devices such as the Roco of Lokmaus, Massoth Dimax
  • Navigator, us other XNET devices

Rear Panel

  • Far left: Large screw terminal for power supply (no transformer) with electrically separate DC output, 25-35 V, 80-600 watts
  • Medium-sized screw terminal for "Track 1" (main line) up to 12 A
  • Triple connector for DC voltages "S1" and "S2" (the precursors of the track outputs "Track 1" and "-2")
  • Small screw terminal for "Track 2" (as a programming and update-track, or as secondary circuit with its own data signal) up to 8 A
  • above the screw terminals: 8 inputs for ABAs and other contact track receipts, emergency stop buttons, and 6 LED and relay outputs
  • CAN socket for ZIMO devices with Sync cables to connect with boosters and stone modules
  • LAN port for Ethernet (E.g. to your Wi-Fi router)
  • Loconet connector
  • USB client (to your computer)
  • WiMi antenna

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