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Decoder Updater

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The MXULF and especially MXULFA (the version with display) are more than simple decoder update appliances, they are designed more as a small digital systems. The tasks include..

  • Loading new software versions (software updates) from a USB stick into ZIMO decoders of all kinds (locomotive, function, accessory decoder), vehicle with decoder while on the "update track"
  • Synchronous update for already installed accessories of the ZIMO MX820 decoder generation ,
  • Loading sound projects from the USB stick into ZIMO sound decoders, vehicle on "update track"
  • Fast Sound loading (about 1 min instead of 10 min) on SUSI connections to the decoder ,
  • Driving and function switching for one address using the controls of the MXULF (scroll wheel, 4 keys and LEDs) to test the recently changed decoder,
  • Programming and reading the CVs of the connected decoder or vehicle, writing and checking the load code for coded Sound Projects

MXULF can be used as an inexpensive workshop or test system for many aspects, even applicable for foreign decoders (obviously not for software updates and loading sound projects).
Operating and display elements of the MXULF: 4 buttons, 1 scroll wheel, and 8 two-color LEDs.
External connections: screw terminals for supply rail (update track), "SUSI" connector, USB (client, to computer), USB (host, for USB stick).
The decoder update device is supplied in two versions: MXULF and MXULFA. The difference is in the display (2 x 16 characters), which only the MXULFA has, but the display can also be retrofitted into an MXULF (using the MXULDIS kit). The display is particularly important in driving and programming operations, almost indispensable. There will be, in the future, also the ability to choose among a number of sound projects on the USB stick (currently you can only have one "Ready-to-use" Sound Project i.e. one  .zpp file on the stick).
The MXULF can be powered from any voltage source (DC 10 - 16V, AC 10 - 20V) . Therefore, no power supply is included!

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