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MX659 Micro sound decoder


Zimo -
MX659 Micro sound decoder

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Current Rating - Avg 0.7 Amps , Peak 1.5 Amps
Connector - Next18
Size - 20 x 9.5 x 3 (mm)
RailCom - Yes
BEMF - Yes
Sound - Yes
KeepAlive/Standby (Available) - Yes

ZIMO, the premium manufacturer of DCC equipment, continues to push the boundaries of what it possible with digital sound by introducing a new micro-sized sound decoder for the Next 18 interface this summer. Next 18 is rapidly becoming the new standard connection type for N gauge models. Using technology derived from the established MX658N18, this new decoder features a 1 Watt audio amplifier and 0.7 Amp (1.5 Amp peak) current rating, but squeezes it into an even smaller package with a footprint of 20 x 9.5mm and a depth of 3mm! With four function outputs available, it answers the call for ever-smaller sound chips and finds use in space-starved ‘N’ gauge and narrow-gauge applications, such as the recent RTR 009 steam locomotives. Despite its ultra-compact size, this sound decoder retains all the expected and well-known ZIMO features, including the company’s legendary silky-smooth motor control:

• Suitable for all DC motors, including latest coreless types
• Built in thermal cut-outs and overload protection
• Automatic motor regulation and optimization
• 20 or 40 kHz ‘silent’ drive with back-EMF sampling
• 3&28-step programmable speed curves
• Special speed calibration to kmh or mph equivalents
• Numerous lighting features inc. dimming and soft on/off
• Shunting and half-speed modes (low gear, no momentum)
• Automatic signal and distance-controlled stopping
• Special CVs for automatic uncoupling - ‘Coupler Waltz’
• Software update via track (no need to remove decoder)
• RailComTM equipped (bi-directional data communication)

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