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=== This product has been discontinued ===
Zen 360


DCC Concepts -
Zen 360

Current Rating - Avg 0.75 Amps , Peak 1 Amps
Connector - NEM 652 (Direct Plug)
Size - 14.2 x 12.5 x 3.5 (mm)
Functions - 4
KeepAlive/Standby (Available) - Yes

The Zen 360 decoder has been developed to fit in almost any OO/HO locomotive irrespective of DCC socket orientation. As long as your locomotive has an 8 pin socket, this decoder will fit. This decoder has been designed with a twin PCB stacked one on top of the other so you only need to plug it in as it will fit in place of the original blanking plate.

This decoder also includes a separate stay alive unit which will aid your locomotives running characteristics during slow running. This unit basically keeps the decoder "alive" for a few milliseconds if dirt or dead spots are located on the track.

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