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Signal Decoder


Harman DCC -
Signal Decoder

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The ultimate DCC decoder for controlling LED colour light signals.

Can be used to control UK and North American signals.

The SC1 is a revolutionary new accessory decoder that allows you to control your colour light signals however you need. Built in aspect tables allow a complete mast to to be set with a single DCC packet using the NMRA signal control protocol, or you can configure individual heads or lamps to be controlled independently.

With an integrated current source and configuration available for common cathode or common anode LED wiring connecting your signals is complete simplicity. No resistors are required and brightness is easily configured for each output independently with simple CV settings. Flashing aspects are maintained within the SC1 to reduce the control system overhead to a minimum.

The SC1 consumes negligible power so can be powered from the track

The SC1 consumes negligible power so can be powered from the track or accessory bus with no requirement for an external power supply.

The SC1 is simply the best colour light signal decoder available.

This is an updated version with the following additional features

  • The DCC track input is a plug-in connector so they are easy to reprogram in situ with a flying lead connected to the programming track
  • There is an additional 10-pin box header for easy connection of the outputs to ribbon cable. The connector is compatible with the new Signalist plug in signal bases, and largely compatible with the Digitrax SE8C wiring system

Manufacturer : Harman DCC
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