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8-fold feedback module with integrated occupancy detectors for the s88-feedback bus.
For s88 standard connections and s88-N.
  • It is suitable for the control of 8 track sections with a current load up to 3 Amps. A short peak current up to 7 Amps will be acceptable. Isolated rails or track sections to be monitored have to be simply connected to the screw terminals of the feedback module to get a digital current supply. The track section can be isolated on one or on both sides.
  • For the connection to command stations with s88 feedback interfaces, such as e.g.
    • Märklin Interface (up to 62 units),
    • Märklin Memory (up to 6 units),
    • Central Station 1 and 2 (up to 62 units),
    • Central Station 3 and 3 plus via L88 with 5V s88-bus voltage (up to 62 units per Bus 1 to 3),
    • I
    • Intellibox/TWIN-CENTER (up to 62 units),
    • EasyControl (up to 62 units),
    • ECoS (up to 62 units),
    • Commander (up to 62 units),
    • HIS-88(-USB) (up to 62 units)
    • DiCoStation (up to 62 units).
  • Including an integrated voltage monitor: If there is no voltage at the tracks (e.g. after short circuit) the occupied identification will be “frozen” during the interruption.
  • For the feedback module is no additional power supply required. This reduces the wiring effort.
  • The Feedback Module RM-GB-8-N is for s88-standard connections equipped with 6-poles pin bars and for bus connections according to s88-N with screened RJ-45 sockets.

Manufacturer : Littfinski DatenTechnik
SKU : 320102
EAN : 4038264023738
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