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  • Includes 8 detector amplifiers for DCC current Detection. Coils not included.

    • Detection levels adjustable from 1⁄2 ma to 20 ma DCC. (20K ohm or less)
    • Train current maximum of 10A or more.

  • Software (JMRI DecoderPro) settable sensitivity. Includes AutoSet option. (upgrade decoder files)

  • Internal Logic Blocks with up to 32 conditional statements.
  • Support for 8 auxiliary Input/Output lines.

    • Auxiliary port includes drive for any combination of:
    • Up to 8 Input Lines or 8 Output Lines.

  • Communicates over the Simple Serial Bus which is a 3 wire LocoNet® compatible serial interface.
  • CV controlled programmi
  • CV controlled programming via Software. (e.g. JMRI DecoderPro 3.7.3 or later.) Both reading and writing of CV values is supported in OPs mode over the LocoNet® compatible Simple Serial Bus connection.
  • I/O Lines may be configured as Tower Controller compatible ports or as individual lines.
  • Automatically saves input/output states during power down.
  • Boot Loader allows firmware upgrades over the LocoNet® compatible Simple Serial Bus connection.
  • Power is supplied by the Simple Serial Bus.

Manufacturer : RR-CirKits
SKU : WatchMan
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