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=== This product has been discontinued and replaced with ACE DCC ===


Sig-naTrak -

The ACE is a fully-featured, but low-cost, DCC controller which has been designed to provide a very “user friendly” interface.

It offers many features found on “high-end” units but its novel design has led to low manufacturing costs and, therefore, a lower price to the end user!
How it works………

The ACE uses a novel touch screen arrangement where the main operating modes are selected using clearly-labelled “fixed buttons”. Trains, points and signals are then controlled from their respective screen using the displayed “soft” buttons, keys or slider.

For modellers who prefer a more traditional approach, we offer the DRIVER. Up to four of these low-cost handsets (expandable to eight) may be plugged in to the ACE, providing a rotary dial knob for speed control and a slide switch for forward/reverse. Five buttons are also included for train functions such as lights, horn etc.

Basic Specification

  • Up to 9999 train/locomotive numbers (addresses)
  • Up to 2044 point/signal (accessory) addresses
  • Track current – max. 3.5A using supplied power cable. (Optional 5A power supply also available)
  • Choice of “short” or “long” address for EACH train!
  • Up to 127 train and 85 accessory details stored in lists – details retained when the ACE is powered down!
  • Each train or accessory in the list can be named!
  • Train and accessory decoders can be set-up (CV's programmed) either via a programming track or whilst running on your layout!
  • Fully NMRA-compliant.
  • UBI2044 USB Interface Module available soon for software upgrades.
  • Compact unit – 220 x 145 x 40 mm

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