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Deluxe Turtle Package


Tam Valley -
Deluxe Turtle Package


Deluxe package includes a Turtle, a Fascia Controller, and a SNAPS wiring connector that plugs directly in to the bottom of Tortoise switch machine. Also include two 12" jumper wires that plug in to the Turtle and the SNAPS. The Fascia Controller comes with a 12" wire that plugs directly in to the Turtle. No soldering is needed to install the a turnout with this package.

The Turtle Stall Motor Driver - Run a Tortoise with a TVD Fascia Controller

Drives stall motors including Tortoise as well as SwitchMaster, MP1, MP5 Switch Motors, Cobalt and almost any other 6-12V geared motor.

Speed/Torque Adjustment - This allows you to set the speed of stall motors like the Tortoise or to use just about any 6-12 voltage motor as a stall motor by lowering the voltage to the point where they just move and hold the points.

Local Control and Indication - The Tur
- The Turtle has a port for a Tam Valley Depot Fascia Controller (see below) or a Barrett Hill Touch Triggers (available from Barrett Hill). Power with DCC or with 12-18VDC.

Remote DCC Control - The Turtle can be activated by DCC switch/accessory commands. Setting the address is simple. Press the Address button and then issue the switch command you want it to respond to in the future.

Local Lock Out - You can use a DCC command to lock out the local fascia controller. This allows you to use the Turtle on CTC controlled layouts where a central operator can control the access to a turnout.

Manufacturer : Tam Valley
SKU : turt01deluxe
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