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Jumper Wires M-M


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Jumper Wires M-M

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12" Jumper Wires for Pin Headers and Terminal Blocks (Pack of 40 rainbow colored wires)

These handy wires have pre-crimped male connectors (M) that can fit in terminal blocks or act as extensions. They come with square plastic shrouds that prevent accididental shorts.

You can get them in 3 varieties M-F, M-M and F-F. The M-F are particualarly nice because they plug in to one another to extend for a longer run. They come in rainbow colors with a repeating pattern of 10 colors. A total of 40 wires come together in a bundle. They are easily pulled apart so they can be used in groups or one at a time. They are 30cm in length which just shy of 12".

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