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MX659 Micro sound decoder


Zimo -
MX659 Micro sound decoder

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Current Rating - Avg 0.7 Amps , Peak 1.5 Amps
Connector - Next18
Size - 20 x 9.5 x 3 (mm)
RailCom - Yes
BEMF - Yes
Sound - Yes
KeepAlive/Standby (Available) - Yes

This is a Blank Sound Decoder and requires a sound project loading onto it, a list of appropriate sounds can be found in our sounds library page here

ZIMO, the premium manufacturer of DCC equipment, continues to push the boundaries of what it possible with digital sound by introducing a new micro-sized sound decoder for the Next 18 interface this summer. Next 18 is rapidly becoming the new standard connection type for N gauge models. Using technology derived from the established MX658N18, this new decoder features a 1 Watt audio amplifier and 0.7 Amp (1.5 Amp peak) current rating, but squeezes it into an even smaller package with a footprint of 20 x 9.5mm and a depth of 3mm! With four function outputs available, it answers the call for ever-smaller sound chips and finds use in space-starved ‘N’ gauge and narrow-gauge applications, such as the recent RTR 009 steam locomotives. Despite its ultra-compact size, this sound decoder retains all the expected and well-known ZIMO features, including the company’s legendary silky-smooth motor control:

• Suitable for all DC motors, including latest coreless types
• Built in thermal cut-outs and overload protection
• Automatic motor regulation and optimization
• 20 or 40 kHz ‘silent’ drive with back-EMF sampling
• 3&28-step programmable speed curves
• Special speed calibration to kmh or mph equivalents
• Numerous lighting features inc. dimming and soft on/off
• Shunting and half-speed modes (low gear, no momentum)
• Automatic signal and distance-controlled stopping
• Special CVs for automatic uncoupling - ‘Coupler Waltz’
• Software update via track (no need to remove decoder)
• RailComTM equipped (bi-directional data communication)

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