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Rail Com Cut Out device


Rail Com Cut Out device

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Produces a fully spec compliant DCC cutout so as to allow non-RailCom-enabled hardware to function in a RailCom-enabled environment.
  • If your system already produces a cutout, but you have equipment such as point accessory decoders or turntable controllers which display anomalous behaviour in the presence of a RailCom cutout, this circuit can be used to selectively remove an existing cutout specifically for those devices.
  • If your command station or booster is unable to produce a cutout, this circuit can introduce a cutout, enabling you to make use of the features of a RailCom system. This is dependent on the number of preamble bits generated by your command station. The DCC specification mandates a minimum of 14 preamble bits, so if this is all your hardware produces, then only a short cutout can be produced, but with 16 or more preamble bits a long cutout is possible which will enable you to benefit from all the features of RailCom.
  • This circuit will give you short-circuit protection set to 5A. If the D and E connections are connected to the D and E terminals of your command station, then the cutout device will notify your command station of short-circuit events when they occor.
  • The cutout device has practically no delay between a change in the incoming signal, and the same change appearing at the output. This makes it possible for a locomotive to move from a cutout-enabled track section to a non-cutout-enabled track section without causing a short-circuit.

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