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Lever with all accessories - unpainted x 12


DCC Concepts -
Lever with all accessories - unpainted x 12

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Bring a sense of reality to the control of model railways. This point lever has the look and feel of the railway with the quality in action that tradition requires.

This can be used with any scale, prototype and technology the modeller chooses.

Momentary switches:
Cobalt S includes a high-power handling SPDT momentary switch, suitable for any device
needing only a pulse of power such as DCC accessory decoders, high or low power AC/DC solenoids or signals. Cobalt-S is therefore the perfect way to add traditional manual control of electrical devices, and it is also a great way to provide an optional control method for DCC accessory decoders that offer that choice.

Latching or On-On switches:
Cobalt-S includes TWO high-power handling “Break before make” SPDT On-On changeover switches that can be configured as either on-on or on-off switches, as well as being able to be used
together to create a DPDT switch to control devices that need reverse polarity… or even select between program and main line power for a DCC layout. All Cobalt-S switching is able to handle high or low power switching at any common Model railway voltage.

Manufacturer : DCC Concepts
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