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S Lever “Signalbox” Control Pack for NCE


DCC Concepts -
S Lever “Signalbox” Control Pack for NCE

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For those who like a traditional method of controlling turnouts, we have the beautiful Cobalt-S Lever! Create the look and feel of a real Signalbox with robust, realistic levers which will last a lifetime. The Cobalt-S Lever “Signalbox” Control Pack for All NCE Systems contains everything you need to assemble a stunning 12-lever frame which will simply plug into your NCE Layout Panel plug which is already on your layout! This pack also has an enormous cost saving on buying the separate items!

Simply connect three wires from each of the levers (harnesses are included in your pack) to the Cobalt Alpha Encoder Unit and plug into your NCE Layout Panel plug for instant control of your digital turnouts!
Put an end to button pressing and become a “Bobby”

Pack Contents

The Cobalt-S Lever “Signalbox” Control Pack for All NCE Systems includes all the components you need to create your own bespoke Signalbox Control System for your NCE DCC System. If you don’t use NCE, you can integrate your Cobalt-S Lever "Signalbox" with any DCC system using DCC Concepts Alpha System Power Upgrade Bundle!

Cobalt-S Lever (x12)

Something really special! 140mm (5.5”) high and with a feel that has never been achieved before without hours of skilled work on the modellers’ workbench. Cobalt-S has a solid brass lever with a working locking catch that gives a real feeling of action when moved, with a solidity and purpose reminiscent of the real thing.

Cobalt Alpha Encoder Unit (x1)

This is where the magic happens! The Cobalt Alpha Encoder Unit takes physical lever throws and changes them into a digital command which your NCE system can understand. Simply plug in to your NCE Layout Panel that you already have on your layout (you should have a spare socket next to where you plug in your controller) and you’re ready to start!

RJ12 6pin Curly Cord for Cobalt Alpha (6ft) (x1)

Use this purpose-made, robust cable to connect your new Cobalt-S Lever Signalbox to your NCE system! This cable can also be used to replace your standard PowerCab cable to improve your experience!

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