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Ultimate Turnout Control Pack


DCC Concepts -
Ultimate Turnout Control Pack

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This pack is created especially for those who are motorising their turnouts and want realistic slow-action changes with a very simple control panel. Everything here is plug-and-play! In fact - the only thing you need to add is some wire and a little time. Check the super-simple diagram below to see how easy this whole system is to install on your layout!

It doesn’t matter what method you use to control your trains - this turnout control circuit is completely separate to your track!
The Cobalt iP Digital motors will even change your ‘frog’ polarity if you’re using electrofrog turnouts! This really is everything you need to get up and running in one pack!

Pack Contents

The Ultimate Turnout Control Pack contains everything you need to get up and running - if you need some layout wire to install the motors, we even have that covered - just take a look at the “Dropper Wire” reels available here: Dropper Wire

Cobalt iP Digital (x12)

This Intelligent Power digital turnout motor with all installation accessories including mounting screws and foam pads are suitable for all gauges. Widely accepted as the world’s best turnout motor, each one offers simple solder-free connections, frog switching and slow-action operation for a more realistic look and feel to your layout. Every Cobalt iP Digital motor has a manufacturers lifetime warranty so it really will be the last turnout motor you ever need!

Cobalt Alpha Central (x1)

The ultimate in simple-to-install control panels. Just plug in the lead and you’re ready to go! It really is that simple!
Cobalt iP Digital motors will pair to each of the 12 green and red illuminated push-buttons using the SET/RUN switch on the side of every turnout motor. This really is a “set and forget” system that just works!

Cobalt Alpha DCC Power Bus Driver (x1)

This clever gadget is what converts the button-press on your Alpha Central into an instruction to make the turnout motor move! It really does do all the hard work for you - no more bundles of wires from your control panel to every turnout motor! Just 2 wires from the Power Bus Driver onto which all your turnout motors connect. The simplicity of DCC with the convenience of push-button control - the best of both worlds!

Super-High Reliability 12 Volt Power Supply (x1)

A “hospital grade” 12 Volt supply to power your whole system. If you need to add more turnout motors, just add the motors and another Alpha Central - everything just clips together! One power supply will power up to 36 motors and 3 Alpha Centrals. If you need even more, then you can just feed in another 12 Volt supply.

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