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21pin Decoder


Digitrax -
21pin Decoder

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Current Rating - Avg 1.5 Amps , Peak 2 Amps
Connector - 21 Pin
Size - 27.28 x 17.08 x 6.6 (mm)
Functions - 6 (0.5Amps Total Max) + 2 Logic Functions
BEMF - Yes
KeepAlive/Standby (Available) - Yes

Outputs are optimized for either LED and incandescent bulb lighting in locomotives.
Includes PX Socket for plug 'n play operation with PX112-2 Power Xtender.

Functions 3/4 can be configured for either full voltage output or logic level output, so it would work with the Dapol 08 and the Dapol 68.

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