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Signalist DP8


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Signalist DP8

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Adaptor module to allow an SC1 to control eight Dapol semaphore signals. Includes power converter so signals can be powered from DCC track supply or 12V DC.

The very popular Dapol semaphore signals can be very simple to use, but little thought has been given to how they can be controlled by anything other than a simple pushbutton. Help is now at hand with the DP8 Dapol semaphore signaladaptor providing a convenient interface between your Dapol signals and the Signalist SC1 signal decoder.

The SC1 and DP8 combination will operate eight Dapol semaphore arms, maintaining synchronisation with your signal control system at all times - even during power down. A button is provided for each signal on the DP8 for initial synchronisation.

The DP8 also contains a flexible power source to enable you to power your Dapol signals from 12V-18V DC or the DCC track supply as well as the usual 16V AC

The SC1 and DP8 combination is half the cost of competing products making it the obvious choice for Dapol signal control.

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