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Signal Board


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Signal Board

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The QuadLN_S Signal Board add-on provides 24 LED outputs and realistic effects for Searchlights, CPL signals and crossings.

QuadLN_S Signal Board Features

  • Plugs into the QuadLN_S Exp IO port.
  • Provides 24 LED outputs.
  • Any mix of common cathode, common anode and 2-lead bicolor LEDs.
  • Standard 3 pin headers with Output, 5V and Ground for easy wiring with servo extension cables.
  • Searchlight transition effects.
  • CPL semaphore effect.
  • Realistic fade.
  • Flashing aspects are handled locally by the QuadLN_S with proper flash rates, eliminating Loconet traffic jams when trying to have JMRI constantly flash signals.
  • Proper Grade crossing flash rate along with cross fade that makes your crossing look like the prototype back when bulbs were used.
  • Software brightness adjustment for each LED outpu
  • Software brightness adjustment for each LED output.
  • Built-in 330 ohm resistor in each LED output eliminates the need for external resistors in many cases.
  • On-board mounting points to add your own resistors when a lower resistance value is required.
  • Up to 48 signal aspects can be defined to provide prototypical signaling.
  • Each aspect can control up to 4 LEDs.
  • Aspect control is very flexible and each aspect can be configured for control by Signal Mast messages, Turnout messages or Sensor messages.
  • Signal wiring breakout board available with screw terminals or solder pads.

Manufacturer : N3IX
Coastal DCC Ltd
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Registration Number: 9447637 in England & Wales
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