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QuadLN_S Stall Motor Driver Board


N3IX -
QuadLN_S Stall Motor Driver Board

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The QuadLN_S Stall Motor Driver Board add-on provides four 5 Volt outputs for driving Stall Motors, low current 5 Volt Relays and Servos. Includes four cables plus mounting screws and standoffs.

QuadLN_S Stall Motor Driver Board Features
  • Plug into any QuadLN_S IO Port
  • Provides 4 outputs and supports any mix of stall motors or servos
  • Perfect for transitioning from stall motors to servos
  • Brings the full array of QuadLN_S family features to stall motor users
  • Compatible with most stall motor switch machines used on turnouts with hinged points
  • One output can drive two stall motors in parallel for a crossover
  • Standard 0.1″ headers for easy wiring
  • Includes 6″ cables to wire directly to the stall motor and then add standard servo extension cables as needed
  • Supports 5 Volt relays with rat
  • Supports 5 Volt relays with rated coil current up to 40 mA and has built-in snubber (flyback) diodes

Note: if you are using non-hinged points or working in larger scales, check your stall motor with 5V DC power to be sure it delivers enough force for your application. If a higher voltage is required (ex. 12V DC) then you can use a Relay Board for each stall motor instead of the Stall Motor Driver Board.

Manufacturer : N3IX
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