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30 Channel Super Tower Master


Sig-naTrak -
30 Channel Super Tower Master

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The DTM30 Super Tower Master is a 30 channel point, signal&sensor controller / display unit for automation of layout control panels.

If you want to operate points the "old" way with pushbuttons, and you'd like visual indication of how they are set on a mimic panel?
The DTM30 is a controller to allow exactly this.

Enabling pushbutton control and LED display of accessories on a Digitrax controlled layout. the super tower master uses push button switches&LEDs to provide a control interface "the way it used to be" but all done via DCC&LocoNet: it works with all Digitrax systems.

Key Features:

  • 30 cells per DTM30 board. Each cell can:
    • control 1 point
    • display 1 signal
    • display 2 block detectors
    • display SIGM10/20 or SE8c signals
    • and other functions

  • 24 routes, each with up to 12 points per route.
  • PC programming available
  • Minimal wiring - just power&LocoNet wiring into the panel!

The DTM30 also "Interlocks" with PC layout control programs such as "Railroad&Co". This ensures points can only be changed when it is safe to do so. The local operator at a station can "hold off" PC controlled train movements while shunting!

The DTM30 operates as a loconet device in the same way a throttle does. Through LocoNet, the DTM30 is able to sense the states of points&sensors and can decode the DCC accessory commands that go to accessory decoders. By doing this, the DTM30 can sense the state of points even if they are operated by a different throttle. With any accessory decoder, operation of points by other throttles (e.g. DT300, DT400) will be detected&shown on the panel. This will also be true if a PC software program (e.g. Railroad&Co) operates the points, or if a DCS100 route sets the points.

If the accessory decoder does support feedback (e.g. DAC10/20, DS54, DS64) then the correct point state can be detected even if a local pushbutton input to the accessory decoder is used to change its state.

Want to control your points with a throttle AND a DTM30? No problem - just do it; the DTM30 display will always be correct!


To make programming simple, a PC software program "LocoAnalyse" is available to configure the board. This is able to download the settings straight to the board if there is a LocoNet interface available (using an MS100, PR3 or LocoBuffer). If not, a list of "required" CV settings can be generated, and the board can be programmed manually using a programming track&throttle.

What's in the Box?

The DTM30 is supplied with six ribbon connectors and approximately two metres of ribbon cable.

Loconet - Compatible

Manufacturer : Sig-naTrak
Coastal DCC Ltd
Registered Offices: Ipswich Model Railway Centre, 48-52 Tomline Road, Ipswich, IP3 8DB
Registration Number: 9447637 in England & Wales
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